Trump’s Evangelical Adviser — Jerry Jr — Finds “My Dream Job” in Intercourse

Barely a week has passed since scandal-prone Jerry Falwell Jr. resigned as president of Liberty University — with a multi-million dollar severance package — when announcement came he would take reins at a small private college in Intercourse, Pennsylvania, Libertine University.

Falwell, who turned a tiny Lynchburg, Virginia, college for evangelical Christians started by his father into Jesus’ cash cow, told Rueters the move to the Keystone State’s free-wheeling, anything-goes university was “the perfect job at the perfect time.

August 31, 2020

By Andrew Squibley and Arthur Bushwhacker, Still Looking for Trump’s “Pee Tape”

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WASHINGTON, DC (Rueters) — Jerry Falwell Jr., leading conservative evangelical and adviser to the Orange Menace, has landed a new role in higher education within days of resigning as president of Liberty University following a series of personal scandals.

The board of governors of Libertine University in tiny Intercourse, Pennsylvania, made the announcement Falwell will become president of the school effective Sept. 1st.

School insiders told Rueters the deal with Libertine U — a 400-student liberal arts college funded by international libertines Hugh Hefner and Larry Flynt — was agreed before the ink was dry on Falwell’s $10 million severance check from Liberty U, the conservative religious institution whose political influence grew as it amassed great wealth in the 49 years since it was started by Falwell’s father, Jerry Sr.

Falwell, 58, has generated headlines in recent years for remarks and actions that were considered racist or anti-Muslim, and he has been criticized for attempting to silence campus criticism of President Trump, the GOP, NRA, QAnon, Mitch McConnell, the Confederacy, “Fox and Friends,” Sean Hannity, the looney-toons who shouted “Jews Will Not Replace Us,” Vladimir Putin, Alex Jones, Mr. Kim Kardashian, Ted Nugent and Lee Greenwood.

He was suspended with pay in early August after posting a provocative photo on social media. But what really got tongues wagging — and Liberty’s board in a lather — were news reports alleging extramarital misconduct involving him and his wife, Becki “Beckoning Becki” Falwell.

Falwell has told reporters he wasn’t involved in the affair — sort of. But Beckoning Becki had been.

The latest allegations of adultery involving the Falwells were made by Giancarlo Granda, a young Italian American “businessman” who met the Falwells at a pool (which he was tending) in Florida years ago. Granda said he has been involved in business and social dealings with the fun-loving Falwells for much of the last decade.

Granda alleged recently he had a years-long sexual affair with Becki Falwell and that “hubby,” who kept his hands busy during the episodes, would watch their interactions, including during video calls where Becki Falwell was naked and sometimes while he sat in a corner of the room featuring the action between his wife and the studly young “businessman.”


While insisting to Rueters, “I’ve done nothing wrong,” Falwell said he was bored at Liberty U and wanted to move on.

“The opportunity and challenge of working at a small college not so fucking hung up on morality had great appeal to me,” he said. “Running Libertine University will be my dream job.”

Falwell said the small college — featuring classes such as “Morals – Really?” and “If Sodomy Why Not Gomorrahy?” — will have a virtual beginning this semester with students either staying at home or in residence halls. But no one will be in classrooms, he said.

Falwell said his wife of 33 years was “part of the package” and would be brought into Libertine’s administration as director of diversity. Becki Falwell told Rueters her first hire will be starting Nov 1st and will take the next two months to brush up on his English.


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  1. Its a game changer! First time The Koch Brothers and George Soros have agreed on anything.

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