Individuals 1 and 2: A partnership or just plain old collusion? Feds think they know

Since 2018, the identity of the mysterious “Individual 2” has been kept from the public by federal prosecutors in New York’s Southern District as they sought to unravel “Individual 1’s” illicit business and political activities. Individual 2 was believed to be caught up in much of the corruption authorized and organized by the Orange Menace, sources have informed Rueters which now can confirm Individual 2 is none other than Great Britain’s own Prince of Parties, Andrew, Duke of York. How much trouble is the one-time second-in-line to the Crown really in? “From E to U,” says one senior prosecutor in the fed’s SDNY office, “that’s Epstein to Ukraine.”

December 3, 2019

By Andrew Squibley and Arthur Bushwhacker, Importers of Fine Japanese Stink Bugs

“Democracy Dies in Darkness…But Not the Goddamned Stink Bugs”

WASHINGTON (Rueters) — US investigators and prosecutors are building a multi-count corruption case against Prince Andrew, second oldest son of Great Britain’s Queen Elizabeth, sources have confirmed to Rueters.

Pending charges include the prince’s alleged participation in a sex trafficking ring funded by disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein who committed suicide in a federal correctional facility last summer while awaiting trial.

Other charges include Andrew’s allegedly funneling bribes to porn star Stormy Daniels to buy her silence about having affairs with members — male and female — of the Royal Family; and acting as a go-between for President Trump with a Ukrainian oligarch to acquire illicit funding to launch a Trump-branded fast food chain in the former Soviet republic, “Chicken Chernobyl — Crispy for the Next 48,000 Years.”

Prince Andrew, l, met with President Trump and his personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, r, along with Ukrainian business associates Igor and Lev, at White House in 2018. Secret funding for “Chicken Chernobyl” was main topic of meeting, a source told Rueters. (White House photo)

Andrew told Rueters he had no recollection of being involved in any of the alleged schemes for which he could serve a total of 80 years in a federal penitentiary should he be found guilty on all counts. “Very unbecoming, these allegations,” Andrews said. “Quite undignified, to be polite about it.”

Prosecutors told Rueters Andrew was secretly pressed into service by Trump to contact a Ukrainian oligarch to seek undisclosed funding for the chicken restaurant venture. Trump’s lone source for financing, Deutsche Bank, is under pressure to disclose to Congress his private business dealings and hasn’t lent the president any new money since his inauguration nearly three years ago. Trump has had to “go underground” to find money for his shady deals, an investigator said.

“I think the prince met the Ukrainian guy at their polo club in London,” the official said. “Trump threatened to hold up a new trade deal with the UK unless Andrew closed the deal with the oligarch, which he was able to do.”

Prosecutors involved in the investigation also told Rueters they found dozens of times over the past 20 years in which “Individual 2” met with and allegedly worked out political and business schemes hatched by Trump or his family members.

“Let’s take the Stormy Daniels situation,” said one investigator who requested anonymity to discuss the case. “We’ve got emails between Ms. Daniels and both Individual 1 and Individual 2 discussing payments to keep her mouth shut — which is kind of ironic if you think about it.”

The former porn star was silenced with hush money from the 2016 Trump campaign when the future No. 45 feared disclosure of his affair would tank his White House hopes, not to mention riling up Melania’s Slovenian mob connections. Trump was called “Individual 1” in the federal indictment that led to the prison sentence of Michael Cohen, Trump’s longtime attorney and “fixer.”

In a similar circumstance, the prince worked through a middleman to pay to keep Daniels quiet about her busy 2017 weekend at Buckingham Palace — as his guest. “She shagged just about anyone who was interested, including some of the resident princesses. And there’s a reason the Duke of Edinburgh retired soon after that memorable visit. He could barely walk upright after that,” the investigator said.

Trump’s and Andrew’s associations with each other and with Epstein go back decades, officials told Rueters. But both men deny any wrongdoing with minors who accused Epstein of keeping them as sex slaves.

Jeffrey Epstein, lurking in background (r), was said by US investigators to have provided “party favors” to the rich and famous, although Individuals 1 and 2 both deny any illegal conduct. But the camera doesn’t lie….
Or does it?


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