WTF’s an ‘Emolument,’ Anyway? Can’t a President Make a Buck Here?

Does it really matter if the Orange Menace — besieged on all sides by local, state and federal investigators for purported violations of the Constitution and his oath of office — thinks it’s a “perfect, beautiful idea” to have US pay for next year’s G7 summit at his run down, piece-of-shit, nearly bankrupt Miami resort? We didn’t think so. And, besides, what are the odds he’ll even be around to host it?

October 17, 2019

By Andrew Squibley and Arthur Bushwhacker, Power Bottoms

“Democracy Dies in Darkness…or at Doral”

WASHINGTON (Rueters) – In a blatant bid to rescue his shaky $150 million investment, U.S. President Donald Trump will host next year’s Group of Seven economic summit of world leaders at the near-derelict Trump National Doral golf resort near Miami, a White House official said on Thursday.

White House acting chief of staff Mick Mulvaney told a collection of skeptical journalists Trump would not profit from use of the property even though it was explained by White House sources who asked to remain anonymous that “taxpayers will have to invest a bit to get the dump ready, even for foreigners.”

Mulvaney, straight faced and sober for once, defended the decision which comes as the president faces ongoing criticism and dual congressional and New York City investigations over his finances.

Additionally, Trump is facing a newly revived lawsuit by Maryland and the District of Columbia over his potential violations of the Constitution’s “emoluments clause” because foreign governments have been spending millions at his hotels in New York and Washington since his inauguration nearly three years ago.

Mulvaney told reporters the summit would take place at Doral on June 10-12, 2020, and the administration selected Trump’s resort after initially looking at about 12 potential locations in various other U.S. states.

“Doral was by far and away the best physical facility for this meeting,” Mulvaney said at a news briefing. “It’s almost like they built this facility to host this event.”

Among the so-called competitors for hosting the high-profile summit, according to Mulvaney’s office, were EPA Superfund locations in Dayton, St. Louis, Clarence Center (near Buffalo), Elkhart near Vice President Mike Pence’s hometown in Indiana, and Utah’s West Desert which is sitting atop nearly a million tons of depleted uranium, a senior White House aide told Rueters. “They all make Doral look like fucking DisneyWorld.”

Based on Trump’s lack of affinity for all things foreign, it’s no surprise he pushed for Doral for the G7 summit, a Mulvaney aide told Rueters. The Miami-Dade County site was purchased by the president’s company in 2012 and is now reduced to a train wreck from a once world-class resort and PGA golf venue of great renown.

Once famous across the world of golf as The Blue Monster, Doral’s 18th hole is now a watery grave for old carts. (Photo by Rueters)
Doral’s first green no longer offers golfers much of a challenge — unless they want to try mowing it.
(Photo by Rueters)


Mulvaney said the event would be “at cost” and using the Trump site would save taxpayers millions of dollars. It will be cheaper than the other potential sites, he claimed.

“That might be true if Doral was ready for prime time,” said Karl Racine, district attorney for DC. “But the place has been run into the ground by the Trumps. Hosting the G7 is a surreptitious way of having US taxpayers cover tens and tens of millions in renovations. Of course they can afford to offer the resort at little or no cost to G7 guests. They’ll be getting a brand new facility in return,” he said.

Left: The Doral’s once famously resplendent front gardens today make for a difficult walk to the hotel’s lobby. Right: Known for its luxurious courtyard, saltwater pool and world-class cocktails, the Doral is but a shadow of its former self.

Racine told Rueters he hopes the full 15-judge panel of the US Court of Appeals for the Fourth District will rule by year’s end against the president’s continuing to profit from foreign delegations and others with business with the federal government staying at Trump-owned properties.

But if the foreign delegations of the G7 — UK, Japan, Germany, France, Canada and Italy — were to get a look at Doral today, they may change their views about staying at other Trump venues, a senior aide told Rueters. “Do you really think repairs can be made in time for the summit? Just look at this dump.”

Left to Right: The famous presidential suite at Doral will be reserved for Trump’s least favorite leader and G7 member, Germany’s Angela Merkel; the Canadian delegation will be housed above the green waters of Doral — they hope; all leaders will be delivered by boat to Doral’s unused marine dock. (Photos by Rueters).

Trump has repeatedly attacked Joe Biden, a leading Democratic presidential candidate and former vice-president, over his son’s business ties in Ukraine and China, which Trump has repeatedly called corrupt, without evidence.

Asked how the president’s use of his private business properties to host official government events differed from Trump’s allegations against the Bidens, Mulvaney told reporters there would be no profit and said the family had made their money before Trump became president in January 2017.

Doral has been in steady decline since well before 2017, however, resort officials told Rueters. “The president’s got to try something to save this place,” an assistant to the resort’s general manager said. “But, then again, when has he ever cared about losing other people’s money?”

Left to Right: Today, the once-bustling front lobby of the Doral; the hotel’s main dining room; and the kitchen where world-class chefs once cooked for presidents, prime ministers and the Queen. All in need of updates. (Photos by Rueters)

Trump has said he is not involved with the day-to-day operations of his private company and that his moronic grown sons run the business. That might explain this:

“Live Alligators” once were a prime attraction for guests at Doral. They’ve all escaped, according to Eric Trump, the president’s second son. “They’re gone, but we hope they haven’t gone far,” he told Rueters.
(Photo by Rueters)



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  1. Courtenay Carson October 17, 2019 — 9:59 pm

    I always thot “emolument” was a face cream…



    On Thu, Oct 17, 2019, 9:13 PM newsmakerblogdotcom wrote:

    > Jim Hohman posted: ” Does it really matter if the Orange Menace — > besieged on all sides by local, state and federal investigators for > purported violations of the Constitution and his oath of office — thinks > it’s a “perfect, beautiful idea” to have US pay for next year’s G7″ >

  2. Allegedly Trump asked on of his aides “Some people think I can’t make money out of being President! Now why do you think I got the job in the first place?” There is a certain logic there >

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